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25 Sept. 1943
1015 o’clock

Dear Bryant Students:

I have been in the service now for 4 weeks and I must admit that they have been the most interesting and toughest weeks of my life. I can only recall one week at Bryant which was just as tough as this training, and that was the week of examinations. Truly an unforgettable week.

I am in the United States Naval Seabees. The job of the Construction Battalion (C.B’s) is to build advanced bases in enemy territory and to protect the base from enemy troops until the allied forces arrive.

This branch has grown over-night. From an unknown outfit, it has received praise from the Army Generals and Marine fighters. There are Seabees in and on every battle front at the present time. On lands, of which I cannot reveal, that will shortly become fighting fronts. For anyone who wants to fight and build, the Seabees is the outfit for them.

Camp Peary is far from pleasant, but considering what I am going to get shortly, this is paradise.

I miss Bryant, as you will, when you leave. I’m sure you will not readily forget your days at Bryant. For the fellows there, make the most of that education you are getting cause it means a lot when you get into the service. Because of my education at Bryant I will be given the opportunity to attend Yeoman’s school.

I don knot expect to remain in the U.S.A. long, but I do expect to be up to see Bryant before I leave.

I have almost completed boat training. In one day, I will no longer be called a “boat”.

As any time in the Navy is not yours, I must close this letter and get ready for another walk. To be exact 10 miles.

Lots of luck and best wishes.

James J. LaRussa S2/c

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