WWII;James J. LaRussa;Marianas Islands

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"Somewhere in the Marianas Islands"
15 January 1945

Dear Bryant Service Club Members~

A heartful of thanks for your swell box of candy. the mates in my hut thank you too~for they helped me eat it. That is a usual occurance~it works both ways. We share & share alike.

Since last writing you things have changed. We no longer have trouble with the Japs who tried to snip[e?] at the camp~that is a relief. Instead we are visited (faithfully) by the Rising Sun bombers. Three months ago I saw my first Jap plane going down in flames. Now, it is not unusual to see 2 and 3 Bogey's go down in flames. Outside of bombings there isn't much more to report in the line of excitement

One of our beaches looks like Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. I like the water here a lot better as it's quite cooler. Diving for shells & cat-eyes is fun. Poisonous aquatic life do not frequent this particular beach, however some poisonous specie have been known to appear occasionally. But that does not stop me from taking a dip

Well, I've got about 8 hours of sack duty to put in so once again~thanks, & I'll be looking forward, when once again, I get a letter from you. The best of luck & success to you

Jim LaRussa Y1c

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