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Dear Bryant Service Club

I wish to thank you for the letter I received today with the news. I have not yet received the package you sent me but the mail situation here is kind of rough and I will just have to sweat it out. Well it is Xmas Eve here and it is a lot different than the one we would have at home. Over here the people are of a different religion than we are and do not celebrate Xmas. We have tried to make it look like Xmas here but with the hot weather and being away from home we just cannot get into the mood. I guess we will have to save it up until we get home. They are keeping us on the go all the time here and we are pretty busy. I have not met any of the fellows from Bryant since I have been over here but last year I met some of them in Africa. I guess we are scattered all over the globe and it sure will be a grand reunion when this mess is all cleaned up. We have the nips pretty well on the run in this theatre and we intend to keep them running right back to their Island. I sure felt a little twinge of homesickness when I read of the first smokers and the dances that you are holding but I hope to be back there someday to make up for lost time. Well I guess this is all for now so I will close and write later

C. Lindquist

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