World War II;Signal Corps

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April 29, 1944

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your nice box of candy. It took awhile to catch up to me but I got it.

I was on WAC recruiting for a few weeks and now I’m at school at Camp Crowder taking up a course to become a crypt technician in preparation for overseas duty. It is an eight week course and I’ve been here one week.

It seems I’ve come a long way from my college days. First I worked about three years and then I joined the WACs on October 10, 1942. I went to Des Moines for my basic training and then to Fort Sheridan where I stayed for almost 16 months working in the Finance Office.

I got married at Fort Sheridan on October 16, 1943 and my husband comes from Louisiana but intends to live in Conn. after the war. He is now on his way overseas.

Then I went to recruiting school at Fort Sheridan and went out on recruiting for a few weeks.

Now I’m here going to school again and hope to end up overseas in the Signal Corps as a Crypt Tech.

It’s an exciting life and I’m very happy.

I presume you got my address from the letter sent to my home which my mother filled in without my knowledge. If it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer Camels to candy as they are rather hard to get and any extras are always appreciated no end.

Your letters on the kids that were in school are very interesting and I’m looking forward to more of them.

Thanks again for the swell candy.


Phyllis Mayo Long

[Transcription ends]