George F. Long

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PFC Geo. F. Long
# 31356461
Finance Dept.
Cp. Patrick Henry
Newport News, Va.

June 21, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

Dear Friends:

Thanks very much for the attractive package of candy and cookies which you sent me. It was very much enjoyed.

It was only a year ago at this time when I was selling war bonds and stamps at Bryant, under the leadership of Mr. Leonard Levin, then chairman of the War Bonds & Stamps Division of the Bryant Service Club. However, it was not until this week when I actually realized what the Bryant Service Club really means to a graduate in the armed service. Speaking for one and all, your work is very much appreciated.

At this time may I extend my best wishes to the faculty of the Accountancy & Finance Department who so capably trained me for the work I am now performing in the Army.

Very truly yours,
George F. Long

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