DOTA's Software Engineering Group: Two Part Case

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Digital Omega Tech Alpha (DOTA) is in the business of taking on special software projects on behalf of large clients like Cisco, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and others, that the big corporations don?t have the time, expertise, or resources for. DOTA employs over 200 people in their Chicago office and has offices in India and Ireland where it subcontracts out some of the programming work. The annual revenues in 2002 exceeded 250 million dollars, far above expectations, given the weak nature of the current economy. The Software Engineering Group is central to DOTA as all the code for client software is either written or tested in that department. In addition, the group offers on-line and telephone based software support to many of the clients. The individuals in the Software Engineering department are highly paid with the average salary to be around 110,000 dollars. In addition, bonuses at the end of the year can add almost 50% more pay for the workers in the department.

Mike Thompson, President of Digital Omega Tech Alpha (DOTA) International Services, could not believe his ears. Lisa Connors, the HR director at DOTA had just informed him that a third woman in the Software Engineering group had filed charges of sexual harassment with the EEOC. Mike Thompson had hired Lisa Connors 4 years ago right out of college. Because of the excellent work Lisa had done, she had been promoted to the position of the HR director, when the last HR director retired. Lisa was energetic and very current about HR topics and had developed a solid reputation with most of the upper managers. With Lisa watching, Mike picked up the phone and called James Applebee, the manager of Software Services Department. ?Jimmy, come to my office right away. Lisa is here and we all need to talk.?

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