Sex and Gambling Online: Internet Abuse in the Workplace

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Online adult-themed activities and Internet gambling are behaviors that have a high potential for abuse and are often associated with Internet Abuse (IA) in the workplace. Both can have a detrimental impact on the organization as well as the individual employee. This paper examines workplace issues associated with online sexual behaviors and Internet gambling by employees. Although the Internet has revolutionized how work is done, and created immense gains in productive potential, the ?dark? side of the Internet in the context of the workplace needs further exploration. There is mounting evidence that, for some employees, abuses of the Internet can have a devastating impact on their professional and personal lives. Given the seriousness of this issue, there is surprisingly little academic research on Internet abuse in the workplace. In this paper, we explore the nature of Internet addiction and discuss the implications for workplace Internet abuse. Additionally, because employers must manage critical legal, social, and ethical issues when employees are granted access to the Internet, we offer proactive suggestions with regard to appropriate workplace policy and employer response.

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