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Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of generating a stream of transformational leaders who will be able to successfully move their companies into the future. Yet, theory providing guidance for developing such leaders is at a premium. In particular, prior research has not explored in detail the complexity of the relationship between mentoring and the development of transformational leaders. To address this important topic, we develop logical links between traditional mentoring activities and the behaviors associated with the "Four I's" of transformational leadership (individualized consideration, idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation). Based upon our review and synthesis of the literature, we conclude that existing models of mentoring may be insufficient for developing transformational leaders. Building on these two literatures, we propose a process of "transformational mentoring" and describe eleven propositions depicting the relationship between transformational mentoring activities and protege outcomes associated with transformational leadership. We also identify and discuss mentor- and protege-based barriers that may mediate that relationship. We conclude with directions for future research that capitalize on the overlap between mentoring and the activities identified with transformational leadership. Request a copy of the paper from the author: Lynda St. Clair (