Methods and Tools for Teaching Operations Management

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In order to develop well-rounded and knowledgeable students for entry-level positions and careers in Operations Management (OM), the subject matter should be taught in a manner that engages students in an active learning process. A large number of methods exist for teaching OM to students with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience. These include case analysis, intensive use of information technology and educational software, and a variety of supplemental and alternative approaches. In addition, instructors rely on well- written and up-to-date textbooks that include a variety of supporting materials. This paper reviews the research conducted on teaching methods and textbooks specifically used in OM courses, and the context and class level in which they are employed. We conclude that the methods used will depend upon such factors as class size and background of students, resources available, faculty interests and time commitments, and support from the university administration, alumni and industry partners.

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