An Examination of Similarity in the Subervisor-Subordinate DYAD as a Predictor of Psychological Contract Breach

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This research explores the effect of supervisor and subordinate similarity (in terms of cognitive style and demographics) on the experience of psychological contract breach. Using a sample of 126 African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans working in professional positions, the results of this study indicate that supervisor-subordinate similarity in terms of cognitive style is negatively related to the subordinate?s perception of psychological contract breach. Moreover, the quality of the supervisor-subordinate relationship (measured in terms of leader-member exchange) mediates the relationship between cognitive style similarity and psychological contract breach. However, neither gender nor race differences in the supervisor-subordinate dyad were associated with breaches of the psychological contract. Implications of this research and directions for future research are discussed.

Note: Support for this research was provided by a grant awarded to the second author by the Department of Navy, Office of Naval Research (Grant Number: N000144-01-1-0917).

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