Empirical Investigations of the Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Grit on Salesperson Turnover for Generation Z

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sales personnel; labor turnover; business students; loyalty; Generation Z

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Pittsburg State University

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Journal of Managerial Issues


Born in the mid- to late-90s, Generation Z presents a challenge to organizations as they enter the workforce: organizational turnover. In this two-part study, the research examines three constructs important to hiring managers: Grit, Entrepreneurship, and Loyalty /Turnover. Partial Least Squares is used to analyze the relationships individual entrepreneurship orientation (IEO) and grit have on loyalty. Study 1 examines Gen Z business students. The results show a negative relationship between IEO and loyalty as predicted by Person-Job Fit literature with a positive relationship between grit and loyalty. Study 2 examines a similar model with professionals and introduces the impact of organizational entrepreneurship orientation (OEO). The findings reveal IEO is positively related to turnover intentions and the relationship is moderated by OEO. The results show a negative relationship between grit and turnover intentions. Based on these findings, sales managers should hire those individuals that have grit to decrease employee turnover, but must also be wary of hiring employees whose entrepreneurial orientation does not match the company's as this also leads to increased turnover due to poor Person-Job Fit.