Does Country-Of-Origin Matter to Generation Y?

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Published by Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd. in Young Consumers, volume 14 issue 1, 2013. Bryant users may access this article here.


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Young Consumers


Purpose - This study aims to examine how members of American Generation Y cohort feel about the USA and the USA's major trading partners. In addition, the study's purpose is to find out whether product's country-of-origin (COO) plays a role when members of Generation Y evaluate products. Design/methodology/approach - Undergraduate university students are used as sample in this study. Experiment with 18 conditions is utilized to collect that data. Linear regression is used to test the hypothesis. Findings - Results show that animosity toward the country negatively influences COO image and that person's level of cosmopolitanism and ethnocentrism contribute to person's perception of (in)equality when evaluating COO images. Findings also indicate COO significantly influences product judgment and this relationship is moderated by quality of information about the product (positive, negative, or lack of information) and involvement with the product (involved or not involved). Originality/value - Results from this study show that, in the context of Generation Y, country image still matters and should be considered when developing a product or promotion strategy. Although country image matters, its effect on product judgment has to be examined in conjunction with factors like quality of information about the product and involvement with the product. As such, examining COO effect on its own might be misleading and not paint a completely accurate picture of antecedents to product judgment.