Different Routes to Judgment Formation

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Published by Communicative Business: Italian Research Review on Business Communication in Communicative Business, volume 3 issue 1, 2010. Bryant users may access this article here.


Communicative Business. Italian Research Review on Business Communication


This article identifies and reviews the three routes to judgment - elaborative, peripheral, and automatic processing - and their antecedents and consequences in the context of advertising effects. The mechanism of these routes are illustrated through the consideration of the roles of product, media, programming context, mood, individual differences, cognitive load, and other variables that may influence the way a judgment is formed. The multiple roles of affect in each of these types of judgment-formation processes are also discussed. We concluded that different types of judgment process are determined by product related factors, media related factors, and consumer related factors. Further, the present study suggests the impact of affect on three types of judgment processes that consequently lead to consumers' attitudes. Based on the findings of the study, theoretical applications for future studies are recommended.