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T/Sgt. Wm. McCaughey
Hq. S.O.S. AM
APO # 871, NYC
30 Nov. 1943

Bryant Service Club
Hope Street
Rhode Island

Dear Bryant Service Club

I received your letter of Nov 9 about a week ago and certainly appreciate hearing about so many of my old classmates. We expected to be spread out when we finished college but it never occurred to me that I would be setting up a temporary residence in England.

Everything is pretty much the same here after eighteen months in the same location some would almost believe that I’m taking permanent residence the rate I’ve been going. They keep us busy at the office and I find most of it very interesting. So far our surroundings have been quite good and I’m hoping that this will not last forever. I’m so tired of correspondence, but it is out link with home and that is priceless to all of us.

The R.A.F. is doing an excellent job to Berlin and we all hope that Germany will soon capitulate but let’s not let up on either the battlefront or the home front until she does.

We are at present listening to a rebroadcast of one of Jack Benny’s shows. I think these radio programs do a great deal for keeping our morale high.

Must close and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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