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Sun. Nov. 14th

Dearest Mommie,

This morning I worked in the cafeteria from 9:30 to 12 serving coffee + doughnuts to a never ending line of soldiers. This afternoon I have been doing a world of washing – blouses, nightgown, handkerchiefs + underwear. If we can’t do anything else after this war, we should certainly be expert at washing + ironing.

As you know Frances Reyburn arrived down here on Tues. I was sorry to see her come as are most of the other gals. She is also assigned to our club.

Today she read me an exerpt [sic[ from her mothers [sic] letter saying that she had talked to you + you told her that I had been called back to Washington + that I was in Clubmobile. Where in the world did you get this information? I do not leave here until a week from tomorrow + I shall not know probably until I clear (that is when you go back to Wash. just before going overseas) whether I am Clubmobile, rest home or what.

We had a grand time in Williamsburg. We had our hair washed after going on a tour through the Governors Palace. It is a lovely place but there is not enough time on one of those tours to take everything in. A couple of the special service officers from this camp came over to Williamsburg in the afternoon + drove Phil + me to Jamestown. It was too late to get in the gate but we went up + read the inscription on the monument. We also saw the ferry come in. Then we drove back to Williamsburg + had the most wonderful, relaxing meal at the Travis House. Nothing but candle light, and such wonderful food. We got back to camp about 9:30 P.M.

Yesterday we decorated our Rec. Hall all day for our party last night. We had a very good dance band and a good dance. Since we had our second typhus + typhoid shots on Friday + our arms were terribly sore + by the time the dance was over at 10:45 I was aching all over. Tomorrow I get my second tetanus. That usually aches pretty much for about 3 minutes but does not make your arm sore for 3 or 4 days afterwards.

The white seersucker slip Aunt Mary gave me turned pink when I washed it today. Now I have to rush off to the Service Club.

How did you like the pictures?

Lots + lots of love,


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