Mary Metcalfe

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Dearest Mommie,

Arrived back in Wash. Yesterday aft. After a very dirty train ride am staying at the Blackstone Hotel on 17th between K + L Sts. Just around the corner from Mayflower + Statler. Very convenient. Address mail to 930 H St. as I told you. I have a weeks assignment at Services Club No. 1. Here in Wash. Maxine Bruce who was at C.P.H.[1] was also assigned to this club. I am to report at 2:30 P.M. today. Don’t know what my hours will be. Took a world of things to be laundered + cleaned + pressed. Must wear civilian clothing on this assign. Just finished having my hair washed. It was wonderful sleeping between sheets again + to have glasses + cups + saucers to drink out of. Our group is all scattered now on new assign. I am in club recreation work. Won’t know until time to go someplace whether I shall land in rest home, club, camp, Clubmobile or what. Letter will follow soon as poss. Love,


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[1] Camp Patrick Henry