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Sunday, Dec. 5th

Dearest Mommie,

At this point Aunt Catherine, Becky + I are sitting in front of the fire in Aunt Catherine’s living room. I came out on the 9:25 train this morning + found Becky + Adelaide on the train so we had a nice ride out together. Adelaide was going to church + to the Huyler’s for dinner. She looked so cute + snappy.

We had a good Unionville (1) turkey here at Aunt Catherine’s. After dinner I rested + dozed off several times while listening to the Philharmonic, the first radio program I have heard since I left St. Louis. Mrs. Fisher + her daughter Joan came by for tea this afternoon. They are both very nice. I believe Joan is a little older than me. She + Becky + I are going in to N.Y. together about 8:30 tonight.

On Thurs. morning we had a meeting + our group was welcomed into New York. Thurs. night a group of us went to Long-Champs for dinner then to the broadcast at CBS where Cornelia Otis Skinner + Roland Young (2) were on the program. Roland Young never once looked out at the audience. He seemed completely bored by the whole thing.

On Friday we had interviews about our assignments this next week. I shall be taking First Aid. I am glad of this chance to brush up on the course. Friday afternoon we were taken to the Stanislaus Church Institute (3) down on the waterfront. It is a huge church + we were taken on a tour through it. We stopped in the lounge + had coffee + cookies with some of the seamen. Most of them were an older + saltier looking bunch + dirtier looking than our G. I. s. I got talking to an Australian boy who spoke quite cockney + explained most of Australia + the strange animals they have there in the short time we were having our coffee.

When we returned from this excursion Marie Tibbetts (Athens, Ga), Opal Sneed (Los Angeles) + Janet Ramage (Milwaukee), + I had dinner at the Woman’s Exchange where we had an excellent meal. Went home + pa washed clothes + packed my fortnighter (4) like a drawer with sweaters in one pile, slips in another, etc. You would be surprised at how neat I am.

Yesterday morning we were all taken out to see the Brooklyn Red Cross Chapter. It was interesting to see the whole setup and how many different things the R. C. does. We went over to the packing + warehouse part + saw the bundles all wrapped up and all the different things that go in the different packages.

Had my hair washed + a manicure at 1 o’clock then Tibby (Marie Tibbetts) + I shopped around the rest of the aft. It was mostly window shopping as the crowds are so terrific it is practically impossible to even buy anything. I stopped in the 711 Fifth Ave. Shop + talked to Mr. Marquette, the manager. He said that Mr. Gibbons was out on a trip. I talked to Miss Dacy, the merchandiser, on the phone + I am going to try to get over there tomorrow + have lunch with her. Mr. Marquette told me that Mr. Bitter has gotten himself married to one of the girls in the office but it has not come out officially yet.

Last night Tibby, Opal + I went to see the Katherine Dunham dancers (5) in “Tropical Revue.” They are colored dancers + they can really dance.

I talked to Davie today + he said he had made a reservation to come home in case he gets a leave. Otherwise he said you might come east + we would all have Xmas together. Of course this would be dandy from my point of view. Aunt Catherine wondered why she hadn’t heard anything from you about coming east. She said to tell you again she would love for you to come. Her plans of course have to be tentative according to what Uncle Trevvy will be doing. Margaret (the cook) got me aside + said to be sure + tell you to come. She said you hadn’t been here for so long + you + Aunt C. had so much fun together.

I talked to Cathy last night + I may see her sometime this week. Everett has very odd hours this week 4 P.M. to midnight.

Davie said he talked to Bill Weld this afternoon. I am planning to call him tomorrow night as I am dying to meet the bride + go out to see them both. I also talked to Aunt Annie this aft. She was in bed with a chest cold so she couldn’t come out for dinner as Aunt C. had asked her.

Your description of the Washington streets was terribly funny. The streets are undoubtedly there but their (sic) are so many circles every few streets that everything gets mixed up.

We have almost walked our feet off since hitting N.Y. + there is so much window shopping to do especially now. We have also had quite a bit of subway riding + one ride on the elevated.

Well, I am all writ out + it is about time to go to the Fishers + thru to the train. You had better write Aunt Catherine as she will be mad at you. Let me know what the plans are for the next few weeks as soon as you know. Lots + lots of love,


(1) Unionville is a village in Orange County NY. She may mean Unionville in PA which seems to have many turkey farms.

(2) Cornelia Otis Skinner was a writer (“Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” and others) and actress. Roland Young was a British actor who played many “meek” characters such as Cosmo Topper.

(3) The Church of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr is the oldest Polish Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of New York. It is located in East Village, 101 East 7th St. in Manhattan.

(4) Fortnighter, most likely a suitcase.

(5) Katherine Dunham (Kaye Dunn) was an American dancer, choreographer and anthropologist noted for interpretative ethnic dance.

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