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I am writing this on my writing pad which Mrs. B + Mrs. G gave me + I love it. Also, the pen is grand. Please call them + tell them I intend to drop them a postcard or more when I get a chance. [1]

Thurs. Oct. 21st

Dearest Mommie,

It seems as though it was about time I was getting a letter from you. Maybe one will come tomorrow.

We have been going like fire engines ever since we arrived.

Yesterday morning we moved out here to the Women’s Residence Hall. We had to carry our own foot lockers and suitcases up to the third floor + believe me that was some little task.

Ruth + I are in room 317 with another girl, Phillis[sic] Boyes, who is also in our class. She is very nice, she was an Army hostess at Camp Warren just outside of Cheyenne.[2]

We have classes from 10 to 1, then from 3 to 5.

At 1:30 yesterday we climbed into a big truck with a long board seat along either side + one across right behind the driver and went off to the Pentagon Bldg. for our first shot. The drive out was beautiful. The back of the truck was open so we could see out. The bldg. is really huge. I felt a bit faint after I had the shot (I think it was for tetanus) but I soon got over that. My arm is still a touch sore. Mimi says they call the nurse who gives the shots Rosie the riveter. She is rough. We don’t get another shot for 3 weeks.

All of our lectures are very interesting + it is amazing to find out about the many, many functions of the R.C. The speakers as a whole have been wonderful. They really know their stuff + they are all most attractive.

Yesterday evening the Embassy Club girls gave a picnic at a spot within 10 minutes walking distance from here. It was a lovely spot for a picnic. We had good hamburgers, cole slaw + coffee + potato chips, brownies apples and grapes for dessert. We came back here at about 8 o’clock and spent the rest of the evening unpacking and trying to get a few things settled, to say nothing of a bit of washing.

We have been downtown twice today. We had to have a small picture in by today, so we went downtown to the 10¢ store + had one of those horrible sit-in-the-booth pictures made.

It is now Fri. morning and we are having breakfast at the drug store which is 3 or 4 blocks from the University.

Last night Ruth and I went downtown again, the stores are open Thurs. night here. We had supper at the Willard Hotel Coffee shop,[3] then went across the street to Garfinkles[sic][4] where Ruth Bought a skirt and 2 sweaters.

I had a real good night’s sleep last night so I feel like a new person now.

Do you suppose you could send me the following items? Don’t be alarmed at the size of the list.

1. 1st aid book, 2. Ouizz, + Entertainment Book, 3. French-English Dic., 4. Lav. Skirt and sweater,

5. Rds[?] (in bottom bureau drawer) 6. Slip with white top and black skirt, 7. 3 or 4 more med. Bath towels, 8. My social security card (in handkerchief box, top drawer of bureau)

On Wed. morning I saw Mimi at breakfast just for a minute. Yesterday I talked to her + was going to stop by to see her before we went downtown. When I called her at 5:30 in the afternoon, she had checked out, so the next thing we shall know about her is when she lands some place.

I got a note to call Mrs. Hugh Morgan which I shall do sometime today.

I seem to have come off without Davie’s address so I am hoping to hear from him maybe today or tomorrow.

It is almost time for class so I must stop. Hope everything is running okay on all your projects. Tell May hello.

Lots and lots of Love, Chichi

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? Rds-Perhaps rods to curl hair.

[1] The words are written around the mast head of the stationary that lists the author’s name and address in Saint Louis Missouri i.e. “Mary M. Metcalfe 5537 Waterman Avenue Saint Louis, Missouri” centered in the middle of the top of the page.

[2] Camp or Fort Warren, Cheyenne, Wyoming built in 1862 (Fort Warren) military installation on Eastern slope of the Rocky mountains. In 1940s used as a U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps soldiers. Also a place for Prisoners of War.

[3] Now the Willard International Hotel. 200years old in 2017 and is 2 blocks from the White House, still has a coffee shop.

[4] Julius Garfinkel and Co. 1872 founded in 1946 acquired Brooks Brothers. Prominent Chain store in Washington D.C.