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Mon. Oct. 25th

Dearest Mommie,

It is just almost impossible to find time to write any kind of a long letter.

Our class has to give a party tomorrow night for class 92, which started today. It is to be a Western Party and we are putting on a show. Ruth and I are in the chorus and we sing the enclosed song to the tune “It’s Delovely.”[1] We have been having meetings of the different committees (we are on the decorating com.) At times we have been free. We practiced tonight, and tomorrow we have to start decorating the gym at 5 o’clock so it will be ready for the party at 9 o’clock. We also have to practice some more. There is so little time + so much to do.

Nancy Bascom came on the Pennsylvania not on our train. She is really awfully nice. She has lots of poise + boy can she pack. We looked at her footlocker today + it is the neatest thing I ever saw. She says she always loved to pack. It is like working a jigsaw puzzle + she likes to do things like that.

Now about the weekend. Mrs. Morgan had asked me to have lunch with them at the Army-Navy Club Sat. at 1 o’clock. Just as I was coming down the steps to go out, someone said there was a long distance call for me. It was Davie saying he would be in about 7:15 and to meet him at the Statler.

I went and had a very nice lunch with Gen. and Mrs. Morgan and the others I told you. They were going to some football game and I was to meet Ruth downtown at 3:30. We went + purchased our musette and duffle bags and got Ruth some shoes and got me a shoe shine then came back to the Statler. We were ahead of time so we cleaned up and went into the cocktail room. Davie didn’t arrive until about 7:45. He looks simply marvelous. Just as healthy as he has ever looked in his life. He does not look thin. His uniform sure does fit tight, but he has a might trim physique. We all 3 had a couple of cocktails there, called up Aunt Mamie Oliver + got Davie a room for the night at her house, then we went to the Occidental + had a very good dinner. We had to go back to the Statler to pick up a package we had checked there (a marked bag of our purchases). Dave + Ruth were all for taking a taxi, but I wouldn’t hear of it with our passes which would be no good after Sat. They kidded the life out of me, + we almost laughed ourselves to death standing up on the street car en route back to their Statler.

I shall have to finish this tomorrow whenever I can as it is midnight + Ruth and Phyllis are both trying to go to sleep + the only light is a glaring one in the ceiling.

It is now quarter of five and we have to be over at the gym to decorate in 15 minutes. There hasn’t been one chance to write all day.

It has been raining + blowing like mad all day. I have been all but drown the three times I have gone back + forth from this building to Hurst Hall across the way where we have classes. Oh what I wouldn’t give for my raincoat. Also I put on those foot holds and they are much too big. I lost both of them off my feet and got ten times as wet having to go back and retrieve them.

On Sunday Dave + I went to St. Albans Church with the Olivers. It is a very cute little church. After that we took a hurried trip through the National Cathedral which I didn’t even know existed. That’s all for now. I have to get dressed to go decorate.

Now it is 12:15. Our party was a great success, + we were a big hit on the stage. They say it is one of the best parties that has been given. We did a skit about a room in this Women’s Res. Hall. A girl trying to sleep and a couple of girls in the corner brushing their teeth + chattering, a couple of other girls moving in with foot lockers + suit cases all over the place, washing all strung up, and other girls coming in and going out of the room. This is a true picture. It is just like Grand Central Station all the time.

Well to get back to the weekend, we stayed at the Olivers all afternoon. Had a nice visit with Aunt Kate. She is remarkable. She felt the ring on my finger and wanted to know if it was the one my brother-in-law had given me.

We left there about 6, went to Harvey’s for Oyster Stew. Davie’s train left at 7:45 so he took a taxi to the station + I went +took a bus back here. When Davie arrived he had on an overseas cap, but when we stepped out he got all dressed up in his hat with the visor.

Davie wants me to come to Quantico this weekend, but I just don’t see how I can do it. We shall be getting our assignments Sat. or Mon. + I have to do some rearranging in my suitcases + footlocker.

Somehow we must manage to get down for our barracks + musette bags which have been stenciled. Davie also gave me his watch to get a new crystal on it. I am sending you a box with something Davie got for you.

Friday night Ruth and I are on duty from 7 to 10 as hall hostesses which means we must be on hand to answer the phone + run around getting anyone who is called. Tomorrow night we are going to a party of St. Louis people. There is a man here named Boswell, an instructor in the basic rec. class who taught tennis at Wash U. Frances Rayburn will be there, Ruth + Nancy Bascom, Franklin Ferris (Frances told me I must come because he was coming especially for me, why I don’t know) + I’m not sure who else. We are going to a place called the Stables, to be picked up by stagecoach at the Mayflower. It is supposed to be quite a place. The party is to be dutch.

Friday night I can write more but it is now 12:45 and we arise at 7 so I must get to sleep. Will you send me the other toe holds + I shall return these. I didn’t get your 2 letters + Jane’s 1 until yesterday (Mon.) afternoon, I don’t know why. Lots of Love,


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[Enclosed with the letter are the typewritten words of the song sung at the Class party to the

[1] Cole Porter song from 1936 musical “Red, Hot and Blue” The song was later used in a musical “Anything Goes” in 1962.