Americo L. Novo


World War II;Camp Lee, Virginia;Leo Blais;Maurice Cofman;Mario Roque

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Co. F-T259- 6th of M T R

Dear Friends,

It is only after one is in the service and the happy day comes when a Bryant package arrives that you realize how sincere and truthful all the letters on the Bryant Service Club bulletin board in South Hall really are. Like the fellows who wrote the letters I use to read when I was at Bryant, I can’t find a way of really expressing my appreciation for the package, so I’ll just say “thanks a lot” and I’m sure you’ll all understand.

As far as army life is concerned, it’s great. Outside of a 16 hour day six days a week we often get K P on Sunday, as a sort of relaxation. Result: Everyone keeps right “on the ball”. So far I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve only landed there twice.

Now for some real news. Leo Blais, Maurice Cofman, Mario Roque and myself have been accepted for A S T P training. We will leave for Washington DC in about three weeks were [sic] we will be assigned to some college for training. Like myself, all the boys are raring to go. Lets hope it turns out to be as good a school as Bryant.

Well, this is about all I can write just now, and may I once more add my sincere thanks for the package.

A classmate
Americo L. Novo
"Mickey" [Transcription ends]