Meyer Ostrovsky

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Pfc. Meyer Ostrovsky
Ad [?] Div. – 1077 Q.M.Co.
APO 636- c/o Postmaster
April 3, 1944

Bryant College Service Club
Providence, R.I.

Dear Students:

I received your letter in which you sent Christmas greetings and thank you very much. Hope you had a pleasant time. The package you sent did not arrive this time. However, please do not feel that it is necessary to send a repeat as the main thing the boys want on his side is mail.

At this base I have become acquainted with another alumnus who hails from Pawtucket and his name is Louis Martel. We were in the same barracks at one time and I mentioned going to Bryant and then a lively discussion came up.

I noticed that Mr. Lambert is in the Finance Dept. at Indiana. He sat in back of me in a class of American History at [B?] C. Durfee High School. Just now I can’t remember his Christian name so that’s why the mister. Bet you a three pence that he would like to be called that instead of what he may be called now.

Just must compliment you on your smashing letter.


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