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15 April ‘44

Cpl. George Pastore Jr.
125th Finance Disbursing Section
Ft. Harrison, Indiana

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I was right in the middle of an Enlisted Mens’ payroll when your rather adequate bundle arrived. It didn’t take me long to lay down my pencil and make a through [sic] examination of the contents of the box—even though my love for figures runs very much high. IT was real thoughtful of you—thanks ever so much.

At first I was a bit confused—the card enclosed in the box lead me to believe that I was eating Camel cigarettes. No doubt, the wrong card got into the right box because I don’t smoke anyway.

My address has changed once more. Soon there will be another change—this time for the worse, however, that seems to be one authorized means of obtaining a furlough. I think that the Commanding Generals are waiting for my Section to get over before they let loose that invasion!

The Bryant Service Club is doing a rine [sic] job—it’s hard to put down in black and white just how much we appreciate all you are doing, but if this letter helps in any way then I will be more than satisfied. My entire section sends its thanks.

Very truly yours,
George A. Pastore Jr.

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