Robert A. Patt


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Wednesday Sept. 1, 1943

Bryant Service Club:

Today I received your letter telling of the news and happening at the school. I know that all my classmates have gone into one branch of the service or another and I feel confident that they are proud to be serving their country. Many times I suppose we dislike this life but it soon wears off and you begin to enjoy yourself.

Was also very nice to know the addresses of fellow classmates because it is one way to keep up a college life. It is surprising to see how far many men are stationed from home and then others are quite near.

At present I am in the south where it is nice and warm. To prove this point the paper stated the other day that it was 108°. (The hottest day this year) After you get used to the heat it isn’t as bad but I would like to be up north just the same.

Bob Mitchell “43” is down here also. I happened to see him coming out of the show. I haven’t been able to talk to him yet.

Thanking you for your very interesting letter.
Robert A. Patt

P.S. I have been classified a pilot!

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