Robert A. Patt

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December 11th 1944

Hello Everyone:

This is just a note from deep in the heart of Texas to let you know I received my Christmas package. I think it is swell of you to remember all of us in the service at this time. Many of the fellows are many many miles from home and old friends but somehow I think that at Christmas time the feeling of nearness come over them. I know in my own case I can remember the days I spent at Bryant and even some of the tough times I had there. You could ask just about any of the teachers I had and they would let you know how happy go lucky I used to be. Such is not the case now though because in war people grow up fast. I was home about a month ago and saw Mr. Richards. He is doing more work than he had been doing before what with teaching extra classes. Everyone seems to be doing his or her share. I know all you of The Service Club are doing a swell job and I feel sure in some small way you are rewarded. I know it means a lot to be remembered by your old college.

I would like to as a favor you and that is; If you could send me the address of Don Mullen. He was a classmate of mine and we have lost contact so I would appreciate it if you would send it to me.

Winter must be with you up in the cold north but down here we are far from warm. One day it will be beautiful and warm and the next rain will predominate. Most of my day is spent in the air, towing gliders and dropping para-troopers so we get a little cold up there. Just about like a northern winter.

Thanks again for the package and I wish you a Very Merry Xmas.
Robert A. Patt

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