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September 22, 1943

Bryant Service Club,
Bryant College,
Providence, R.I.

Dear Members,

I received your gift and I would like to thank all of you for it very much. It was mailed to me on June seventh, but because I didn’t receive it until three months later.

A year ago, when I was helping to support the Bryant Service Club, I didn’t appreciate how much help it could be to a serviceman away from home. But now that I am a soldier myself, I am fully aware of the good that the club performs. There is nothing, I think, that makes a fellow feel better than to know that there is someone at home who hasn’t forgotten about him. Even though I received your package of candy three months later, that did not in any way make it less welcome.

I thought I would take time to drop you a few lines and let you know of the good work you are doing, and I know you will keep up this worthy project.

A fellow Bryantite,
Henry C. Patten Jr.

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