Letter Written by Walter A. Quilitzsch to the Bryant College Service Club Dated August 5, 1942


World War II

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Dear Mr. Ripley,

After reading the last Bulletin from Bryant with news of quite a number of my classmates, it seems that you should also know of my whereabouts. The Bulletin has been forwarded to me from my home since I’ve been in the Army, and that is since last September 4.

At that time I enlisted in the Air Corps and was sent to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. My assignment from there was in the Weather Squadron at Bangor, Maine where I remained until the end of the year, 1941. At that time I transferred to the Finance Dept. where there were vacancies at the time, and I was retained at the same post until June 4, 1942. Then I was recommended to attend the Army Finance School and have been here since. About a week ago, along with a few other experienced men, I was transferred out of the Squadron into a special Detachment. We are gradually welding a unit of new men together, forming a group for duty overseas. From the looks of our equipment, it won’t be very long before we leave these shores.

Some odd things have happened to me while in the Army, so I’m rather looking forward to the coming experiences. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are quite a few of my classmates over there already. So, I guess, this is so long until we once more have peace in this world and we return to our regular lives once more.


Walter A. Quilitzsch [Handwritten signature]

Staff Sgt. W. A. Quilitzsch
Finance Detachment 6055B
Hq. Army Finance School
Fort Harrison, Indiana [Transcription ends]

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