WWII;Walter A. Quilitzsch

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[Transcription begins]
Still in Britain
1 Dec. 1943

Hello Service Club,

Let me relieve my mind of two small items first, then I might lapse into a little news from here. The two are the package and letter which you sent to this G.I. in AD 1943.

You will notice that I don't classify myself as a soldier, I'm in the Finance Department. Just about this time, however, I feel as if I had gone through quite a battle. For the past few days, vouchers, cheques, and figures have been fairly flying around my office, and it is no easy task to keep all of them going in the proper direction. Then, always in the middle of something, there is a phone call from someone miles away wanting to know why he wasn't paid this month.

The news which you send is always interesting, always a few names which are familiar.

One of your old friends, Henry J. Lee has written to me from Chicago. He is also in the Finance Dept, but I rather envy him, comparing the different places where we are stationed. I have yet to say hello to any other Bryant men over here, am I alone on this front.

Thanks for everything, and sometime when I get a couple of days off, I'll drop in to see you. Just to help you find me again, there is a slight change of address.

Walter A. Quilitzsch
[Transcription ends]