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Sally Freestone grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania, nestled between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. Together with her late husband Tom, an Englishman, she managed a thriving pottery business in Tennessee before relocating back to New England a few years ago.


Sally’s grandmother, Bertha, converted to Quakerism.

She felt it was the right thing for her. Early in her marriage, they started using what we call the 'plan talk.’ English Is one of few Ianguages which does not have a familiar tu and vous -tu and usted. English used to have It: thee, thou and thine. We don't use thou because it is very archaic. But my family has always used 'thee'. So 'where are you going' becomes 'where’s thee going?' It is a matter of emotion. If I fall in love with somebody, I slip and call them thee. It is very telling.

I'm not the simplest quaker you ever met. In the old days, when Quakerism began everyone wore the simplest dress, women wore bonnets. Grey and white and black. Simplicity of living: don't have three lawnmowers. don't have an ostentatious life, have just what you need. Simplicity Is making sure there is enough for everyone, fairness.