John S. Renza


World War II;United States Army


[Transcription begins]


Thurs., June 10, 1943

Dear Miss Blaney,

First of all, I don’t want you to regard this as a letter, just a note to let you know I have received your most interesting letter. Thanks a lot.

At the present time I am waiting in the telephone station so that I may call my home. I thought I could make use of my time by writing a few letters on the stationery they supply.

I’ll tell you a little of myself and my duties, Miss Blaney.

At the present time I am working in the Battalion Headquarters’ office, doing all sorts of clerical work, but I’m supposed to be a stenographer. I can type stencils in my sleep so many I type during the day. Everything in the Army is done on a stencil. Thanks to Mr. Mercier for teaching me.

Besides my regular duty I have been assigned to teach at an Illiterate School they have here for such soldiers. It really is fun + very interesting. The clever things these “grownups” say- you’ll be surprised. I am glad I have been assigned to this because it will keep me in trim as a teacher. The only disadvantage of this is that I have to do it on my own time- at night from 6 to 8 o’clock.

I’m sorry, Miss Blaney, but space limits my writing so I’ll have to close. How is the Service Club running, yearbook, and newspaper? Let me know, I’m interested.

Sincerely-John Renza [Transcription ends]