WWII;Eugene K. Schmidt;Camp Haan

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Dec. 30, 1943

Bryant Service Club;

Before I forget I want to thank you for the cigarettes you sent. Received them just before leaving for a three day pass to Frisco, and they saw me thru the trip in fine shape.

That trip meant quite a bit too, as I saw my brother for the first time in over a year, and before long I hope to say the same about Bryant College. We were told that we’d be home by the end of Jan. on our long awaited furlough, so once more I have hopes—you see it’s been called off twice so far.

Well, Sunny California isn’t. Yes, it’s been raining all day, and about every day, and once more the mud scraper is in general use. Just as glad it rained today though, as we were scedualed [sic] for another overnight problem, and who doesn’t appreciate a warm hut and a cat?

Oh yes, they say last Saturday was Christmas but I still don’t beleive [sic] it unless there’s snow, but the spirit was here—helped along by a beer party.

Seems as thou [sic] I read your letters over a dozen times. As you can guess, it sure does feel good to hear those familiar names again, and one of these days there’s going to be a big reunion up on the hill. I think everyone is looking forward to that, but for now there’s a job to do, and here’s hoping it gets done fast.

Gene Schmidt
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