History Advisor: Judy Barrett Litoff

2008 Senior Capstone Honors Project

Conference presentation: Spring Meeting, New England Historical Association, University of Massachusetts –Dartmouth, April 22, 2006.


The lives of most servicewomen during World War II were forever changed, culturally, psychologically, and socially, as a result of their experiences during the War; however, this modification of lives did not stop at individual women. Through examining three separate letter collections of three wartime women serving in very diverse situations, this project aims to focus on the changes through which these women progress, as gleaned from their writing, concerning the overall effect of the war on their lives, particularly relating to personal growth, cultural ramifications, and the overall impact each woman’s experience had in her life. More important, however, is how each individual’s experience resulted in a compilation of experiences, eventually helping to define a new, diverse, American society in the post World War II era.