History Advisor: Judy Barrett Litoff

2009 Senior Capstone History Project

Conference presentation: National Technology and Social Science Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 5-9, 2009.


This paper focuses on the wartime experiences of Wesley Crawley, a 1936 graduate of Bryant College and one of three Crawley brothers to graduate from Bryant and serve in World War II. In addition to interviews with Crawley that took place in 2009, the paper draws from the letters that Crawley received from the Bryant Service Club as well as the letters that he and his family wrote to the Club. After graduating from U.S. Army Officer Candidate School in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, Crawley was sent to North Africa where, in 1943, he was briefly captured, but later released, by the Germans. He spent much of the remainder of the war in Italy, France, and eventually Germany. Following the war, Crawley returned to his home in Fall River, Massachusetts where he worked for the Fall River National Bank, retiring as Vice President in 1983.