World War II;Henry J. Stadnicki

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[Transcription begins] Sunday
August 2, 1942

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I have to be so brief in this letter, but I’m about to catch a reservation on one of Uncle Sam’s famous cruises across the pond; you know, the one that includes a tour of Berlin and Rome.

About all I can give you right now is the necessary information for my new address, and here it is:

S/Sgt Henry Stadnicki
C/o Finance Office
51st Troop Carrier Wing
APO 1255, c/o Postmaster
New York, N. Y.

I’m depending on the Service Club to furnish the school with my new address so that I can be kept informed on the news back home from the school paper. Give my regards to all the faculty and students, and tell them I’m sorry that they couldn’t come along with me.

“One of the gang”
Henry Stadnicki

P.S. Please excuse all errors, as this was done in a hurry.
[Transcription ends]