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Fargo, N. D.
23 December 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club:

The last time I have was in April, long, long ago. I hope, from now on, you'll hear more often from me.

I left my first camp, Fort Devens, Mass., in August and arrived at "The Playground of the World," Miami Beach, Florida, where I underwent three weeks and two months of basic training. Now I'm at North Dakota State College, Fargo, N. D. where I'm studying Army Administration.

The course is dry and tiresome, almost like the B. A. course at Bryant (ahem). In order to keep our interest, the teachers, officers, tell us a few jokes now and then. There are about fifty subjects that range from five to twenty five hours, in this course. Some of the subjects are: typewriting, filing, military correspondence, courts-martial proceedures [sic], pay and allowances of military personnel, and others. Oh, yes, my grades; they're fair.

No shortage of food here. We get the best and all we can eat. One serving usually suffices.

I really enjoy hearing about the activities and changes at Bryant. It makes me wish to be back there. While at Fort Devens, I used to meet newly inducted Bryant men and always asked them what changes took place at the college since I left. I had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Lambert when he was inducted at Fort Devens. I even saw him off on the train when he left the camp.

Keep up the good work you are doing.

Pvt. Edward J. Strybuc
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