George L. Sutcliffe (February 7, 1923 - January 20, 2011) was a member of the Bryant College Class of 1947. No letters were received by the Bryant College Service Club from Mr. Sutcliffe because he did not attend Bryant until after World War II, earning the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting on the G.I. Bill. He is, nonetheless, included here because of his historically significant and heroic contributions to aviation during World War II.

George Sutcliffe enlisted in the Army Air Forces shortly after Pearl Harbor. He was deployed to Europe with the 368th Fighter Group. He flew four support missions on June 6, 1944 over Normandy. One week later he successfully outmaneuvered forty enemy warplanes in an intense air battle over Lisieux, France; the topic of which became an episode of the History Channel series "Dogfights."

His service included more than eighty combat missions for which he was awarded the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. In 2007 he was inducted into the Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame.


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