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November 10, 1942.

Dear Miss Blaney,

I received your very nice letter, and decided to try my hand at answering.

I think that the Bryant Service Club is a wonderful organization. I sincerely believe that it is one of the most loyal organizations that I know of. In my travels, I have yet to hear of another college, and its students doing what club has done. I have received letters from former classmates of min at Bryant, and they feel as I do, that there is a sense of loyalty that can’t be matched, in our Alma mater.

I would like to be able to relate a few of the incidents that have happened to me since I have been at this post, but die to censorship, I am sorry to say I am not allowed to. But one of the interesting things things [sic] about here is that quite a few of the boys have pets, pets you wouldn’t find around Providence. Some of my friends have monkeys and parrots for pets, one of two have “cats” as they call them. They are very wild, and are very capable of killing a man, sense [sic] they are kept in a cage most of the time. One of the most interesting pets here, I think, is a baby boa constrictor, about three and one-half feet long. My friend who has him lets him crawl all over him, and never has very much trouble with him. But the snake snaps or strikes at other people. It has very small fangs, and doesn’t hurt too much when he hits you, but I wouldn’t want to be around him when he gets to be any larger.

I am very contented here, and have a very nice position, although everything isn’t like home, we do make the best of it, and have a pretty good time.

Thank you again for the very nice letter, and I will be writing again, in the not too distant future. Would you please say hello to my good friends Mr. Hammond, and tell him that I will be writing to him soon.

Leonard Sweeney [Transcription ends]