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Headquarters Company,

A.P.O. 834, c/o P.M.

New Orleans, La.

28 December 1944.

My friends,

I received your very welcome letter. Believe it covered about everything in the way of news about Bryant.

You are doing a great deal for the servicemen and have done a great deal in the past for us.

I appreciate your wanting to send me something, but I believe there are other fellows stationed at out-of-the-way places who would be more anxious than myself about receiving packages. I am situated at a place where we can purchase practically everything we need. I know there are others who are not as fortunate as I.

I expect to be in the States on reassignment in February. The time I have spent here has really sailed by – at this writing it is thirty-three months. When I do get my furlough, I will be sure to visit Bryant. I imagine all of the fellows drop in now and then whey they are around providence. I hope that some of my old classmates are around at that time.


Leonard Sweeney

“CTT ‘41”

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