Edna L. Tabor


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50 North St. Meshanticut, R. I.
December 10, 1942

Bryant Service Club;

This past week I received a letter from my son, Samuel B. Tabor, from “somewhere in north west Africa”. He informs me that he has been advanced in rank and his address has been changed, so that his present address will be:

Sgt. Samuel B. Tabor, 31070292
38th Evacuation Hosp.
A.P.O. 302, c/o Postmaster
New York, N. Y.

In the paper, Providence Sunday Journal, of Nov. 15th there was a group picture and I am sure his picture was there. He tells me he is well, although they sleep in pup tents on straw mattresses; rise while the stars are still shining, and eat breakfast as the sun is coming up. They use their helmets to wash up in, wash clothes in, and as buckets in general. They usually work from dawn until dusk, and he was writing my letter by the light of a lantern. He hadn’t received any mail for about a month, but told me top keep writing as it eventually catches up with them.


Edna L. Tabor
(Mrs.C.A.) [Transcription ends]