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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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3 Mar 45 [1945]

Dear Folks,

I got Dad’s and Dot’s nice letters. I appreciate hearing from you all. This week has gone by fast as have the others. Wed. evening some of us went to the Community Concert in Macon. People who can’t go leave their names with the Macon Recreation Center and Service [and] people can use their seats. Free!! First come first choice. 3 of us, Ida Helfand, Dot Masser & I went – in Dot’s car!! We heard Robert Weede the Metropolitan barotone. (sic) He was grand. I enjoyed every minute of it. He is tall & slightly stout with a beard but he has a very pleasing stage presence. It was good not to have to wait for buses. I felt almost like a civilian for a few hours!

Thursday, I went by myself to town and did some shopping; ate at the S & S Cafeteria; and then went to the Bibb theater. It was a double feature neither of which I had seen and both good. Very unusual circumstance! I saw “The Arabian Nights” and “Mr. Winkle Goes to War.”

Last night Drake and I played tennis and had played about a set & [a] half when it dawned on me I was supposed to go to Glee Club so I went rushing down to the Day Room and arrived only a half hour late for practice. But it was a perfect night for tennis. Warm & sunshiny. We both felt good and played fairly well considering how long we’ve been out of practice. I got my usual two games per set off Drake, but I do make her work for some of her games. Nearly every game goes to deuce. One game last night lasted at least fifteen minutes. It seemed grand to be playing again.

It is raining this PM. so we won’t play tonight.

Tomorrow we’re planning to go to Fort Valley again to see the peach blossoms if we can get in town early enough to get a car. I hope it clears off.

I paid my income tax and finished up one of the college loans this week. I’ll have $25.40 to pay next month and that will really finish all of that college business. I’ll sure be glad to get out from under that.

I have had very little work in the office this week and have spent much of my time there studying chemistry. I finished the second lesson and got part way through the third.

Must stop now and mail this so it’ll go out tonight.



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