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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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5 Mar 45

Dear Folks,

Tuesday again, and this week is well on its way. Sunday we really did hire a car and go to see the peach blossoms. It was rainy when we got up but the girls had bought food for a picnic lunch so we decided to go anyway. Before we reached Macon, it was coming down in sheets. But we still decided to go. It took us until 10.00 o’clock our time to get a car and by that time it had settled down to a slight drizzle and before we had gone very far it had stopped. It was good the rest of the day and in the afternoon the sun came out and it got real warm. We were certainly glad we hadn’t been easily discouraged.

I believe the blossoms were prettier this year than last. The pink was a deeper, brighter shade. It was exactly the right day as they were in full bloom. We took the same route in the morning as we did last year and found again the orchard in which we walked last year. The same Negro family was there and again we took their pictures. We ate dinner beside the road there and it was fun having that sort of a picnic again. The ground was damp but we spread newspapers down and got along OK. After dinner we drove from Fort Valley to Perry and then back to Macon by way of Warner Robins Airport. I drove part of the way and it did seem good to get in a car again. I don’t know why we don’t do it more often. It cost us only $2.07 apiece for six of us. Of course, the risk is quite big, I suppose, so we only do it when we think it is worth it.

Last night, we went to the gym for a baseball meeting and archery practice. There were a crowd [who] went and we played basketball made plans for baseball and did some archery shooting. Lots of fun. Tonight is glee club and tomorrow night I plan to go the [to] the movies to see “Keep your Powder Dry” which is the WAC picture showing basic training, motor school and OCS. It shows quite a bit of Ft Oglethorpe I believe, also Ft Des Moines.

We have started this morning having to fall out in front of the barracks at 6.40 in the morning for roll call and P T. More fun. It makes hurry but I’d rather have P T that way than have it in the barracks where I, as wing sgt hav[e] to be responsible that the girls all take it. It makes it easier for me, but harder for the girls.

I guess maybe I’d better go to work again now. There is a little more to do today than there has been the last few days.

Love to all


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