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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sat 2.15 P.M.

10 Mar 1945

Dear Folks,

I am sitting beside the open window at the office. The work is caught up for today so am taking a little time to write a few letters. It is so warm and sunny out today that I hate to be even in the office even though I’m not working just this minute.

The weather here now compares approximately with the last two weeks of May at home. The grass is green on the lawns, the cherry and fruit trees are in full bloom and the air is warm with just a cool tang to the wind.

This week has certainly gone by quickly. Gym – Monday night; Glee club – Tuesday Movies – Keep Your Powder Dry – Wed; dinner in Macon and back to Movie on the post – “Pin-Up Girl” Thurs; Glee Club, Washing and G.I ing- Fri; and tonight, dinner in Macon and another of the Community Concert Series if we’re lucky enough to get tickets.

“Keep Your Powder Dry” was the WAC picture. It was only fairly good and did not show as much of the WAC life as it might have done. The parts showing the girls at OCS were taken at Oglethorpe. The drill ground looked very familiar as did the gates at the entrance. It was taken on what is called the North Post and we were over there only for Saturday parades. Our barracks at basic were on the South Post and were not permanent buildings as are those over on the North Post. The scene showing the stairway that one of the girls comes down looks exactly like the hall of the North Post barracks. I know—I carried beds up and down one just like that all day one day during staging!!!

“Pin-Up Girl” was a technicolor musical. Only fair.

Tonight’s Community Concert is a Russian Ballet dancer Should be good. It will be at the Wesleyan Conservatory, which is a small but nice hall with sloping seats so that one can always see the stage. It has been fairly busy this afternoon for a Sat. It is now almost 5 and as you see I have been a long time writing this letter.

The Bangor Daily comes regularly. I get Monday’s paper on Thursday etc. I have been getting the city edition OK also.

How is Mrs Merrill getting along? Is she home yet?

I finished my third chemistry lesson and sent it in. Dad, I agree that if I could only multiply, add and divide accurately I’d get along much afster [faster]. I usually have to do every problem over to get the right answer.

Much love,


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