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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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12 Apr 45

Dear Folks,

I have started a letter to you several times during the last few days but I can’t seem to get one finished. –

Last week-end Marj & I were very tired Sat at supper time so we packed our bags just in hopes we could get a room in town and we just happened to be fortunate enough to get one at the Georgian. I didn’t leave it until 5 o’clock the next afternoon. I had bought a dozen rolls and used those for breakfast & noon. Then we ate a meal a suppertime. I really got rested and have felt fine all this week.

Friday night Marj & Swit & I had complementary tickets to he[a]r Eddie Rickenbacker. (1) It was very good. He is a forceful & earnest speaker. Marj got the tickets at the BPW (2) club.

Sunday night the glee club sang at the Variety Show at the Gym. Did OK, I guess, at least the boys seemed to like it.

Monday & Tuesday nights I stayed in the barracks and read & visited – should have written letters but didn’t feel like it.

Last night I went to the hospital to see the 3 girls from my wing of the barracks who are over there. They were cheerful and expected to be out soon.

Tonight we are going in to the Little Theater Play “The Shining Hour” in Macon.

As to furlough – suppose Dad, you and Phil see what you can do about getting your vacations together & then I’ll see if I can make mine the same time. I think I can come anytime after the 26 [of] July. It would be best probably after payday the 31st. – Suppose I left here Friday Aug 3 and got to Phil’s Sat. How would that work in with all your plans, of course, anything may happen to change all that but at the present moment, that is when I could come.

I wrote once asking that you mail my bathing suit and, if Sis still has them, those blue rubber bathing shoes. I think it must have been in one of the numerous letters I start but never finish! Anyhow will you please mail them soon as it is plenty warm to go swimming now.

Dad, I saw peas almost 8 inches high the other day and strawberries are on the Market though too high to buy yet. The lawnmowers are going outside the office here today.

Many of the girls have planted small gardens near the barracks – Flowers – cucumbers tomatoes, corn!

Must stop now –


(1) Eddie Rickenbacker was a WWI Ace fighter pilot, known as Ace of Aces. He was also a Medal of Honor recipient.

(2) BPW is Business Professional Women

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