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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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14 Apr 45

11.45 AM.

Dear Folks,

½ hr to go. I have the afternoon off. I just don’t feel like working this last half hour. I got your letter written on your birthday, Mother, last night. I’m glad the flowers were OK. I didn’t know what would be in season so ordered just a mixed bouquet.

We have all been rather stunned at the News of the President’s death. It was so unexpected to most of us, although of course, his last newsreel picture showed his condition.

There were memorial parades for some of the battalions this morning and short memorial services near the offices.

Many of the girls are quite broken up over the news as they really worshipped him. I do feel that this is a very unfortunate thing to have happen right now, but, of course, I believe there are other Americans capable of running the country.

It is sunny & warm out and looks as if it would be a fine week-end. I expect we’ll go somewhere but haven’t made plans yet.

The Little Theater play was not as good a perfomance as usual this time. Much more of an amateurish performance – but it was fun. Capt Stokes couldn’t go after she had planned to as she was getting ready to go today for 3 weeks schooling at an Advanced Officers Course at the University of Perdue, Indiana. She offered me the use of her car, however, and it was a great help not having to catch a bus either way. Lucky I had had my license renewed.

Stayed home last night and washed clothes and cleaned out my foot locker.

The news is good isn’t it? Shouldn’t be much longer in Europe seems as if.



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