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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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SUN. 20 May 45

10. AM

Dear Folks,

I am C.Q. at the office this morning and it is nice and quiet down here all by myself. It’s almost worth getting up on Sunday morning just to enjoy the peacefulness of the office when no one else is here!!

The weather is still chilly here most of the time. When I think how hot it was last year at this time, I’m perfectly willing to put on a sweater now and then this year. The longer it is before the hot weather starts the less of it we’ll have to live through seems as if. I still haven’t been swimming. If it warms up I might go this afternoon but I rather think I’ll go to the hospital to see some of the girls instead. We happen to have five or six over there now for various reasons.

Drake and I went to see “Laddie, Son of Lassie” the other night and it had some beautiful scenes in it, the acting of the dog was such that it of[f]set any unpleasantness connected with the war scenes.

Thursday was quite a day. We went to Cochran Field at 1.30 and hung around all the afternoon with only about half and (sic) hours rehearsal. We walked all around the post which is very small, visited the PX’s, and then went to back stage and stood up until the show was over at quarter of eleven. We were pretty tired as you can imagine by the time we got home. The show is only fair in my estimation. There are some good acts, but the Master of Ceremonies is terrible. His introductions are not funny or clever. Maybe they’ll smooth up before Monday, I hope so. Of course this was really a dress rehearsal anyway.

There is a knife th[r]owing act, a magiciean (sic), a man acrobatic dancer, a charcoal picture artist, two or three very good baritones, a string trio (bass, guitar, & something else, which I couldn’t see), John Hubbard, the movie actor, who is very good looking. He was in front of the curtain so we couldn’t hear what he said, but we did see him backstage. And several other skits, including an imitation radio broadcast which really has the best gags in it of any of the acts.

We are putting it on again tonight at our own Gym. Hope we have a chance to sit down for part of it or else can leave when ours is over.

I am glad the telegram got there OK. I just happen to see the sign that restrictions were offf about such telegrams and thought it might be nice for you that day.

This year has gone so fast, it doesn’t seem possible to think that schools are beginning to close again. Many down here close next week.

Love to all of you,


Dot, have you heard anything from Bob more definite. It seems as if he wouldn’t be sent to the Pacific, if the papers are right that those who have served in both North Africa and Europe would not go. I certainly hope it is so.

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