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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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[May 29, 1945]

Tues. 7.00 PM

Dear Folks,

Summer has really struck us at last. The last week has been terrifically hot.

Well, our stage performances are over for awhile, I hope. It was hot backstage & on the stage at every performance and we were very tired each night when we got home. I believe we sang best at Camp Wheeler, a week ago last Sunday, but the next night at the Grand when we should have done well, we were pretty awful for the first show and better for the last one. Then we sang again out at Robins F[ie]ld Thurs.

Friday, the performers were given a chicken dinner, and free entertainment at Regan’s Park.


So, I have even been on a party with a movie star! John Hubbard went out & back on the bus with us. He is good looking but admits himself, that he has to have some one write his lines for him. His talking at the show was very mediocre and his conversational ability is only fair. His acting, however, may be OK, -- I can’t remember ever seeing him in a picture.

We went swimming, boating, bowling & I could have gone roller skating if we had wished. The chicken was fried outdoors over an open fire stove. A very enjoyable evening.

I was tired enough by Sat night however, to sleep nearly all of Sunday


so I didn’t get your letter written as I intended.

On top of all that extra curricula[r] activity (and I went to a baseball game also last week) – we moved at the office Friday. – We are pretty well settled. It will be much hotter I’m afraid than the other office and it is crowded compared with that but I have more room than I expected and the other girls are being very good about helping with the work, so I think it will work out OK. If I can just train one or two of them to do the work when I’m not there, I’ll be all right, I’m sure.

When we get really straightened out, and I get the back stuff that came fom one of the other offices filed into my files


I believe it won’t be too bad. It is rather more interesting to be up at headquarters as there is more hustle and bustle as if we were a part of a live organization instead of just a dead filing unit.

Beverly sent me one of her nice invitations and one of the pictures of the four of them. It is a grand snapshot. I’d like it enlarged. Thanks for Phil’s letter – I owe him one I know. – I am getting the news OK – only missed a couple of numbers – I’m glad the package arrived all right – thought I had wrapped it sufficiently – but it was pretty full.

We are going to the last Little Theater Play tonight “Over 21”, – and Thursday, the Glee Club is being given a party at Fay’s – steak or chicken.


Quite a number of WACs are getting discharged on the 40 or over ruling, but Marjorie has decided to stay in. I’m glad as I would miss her very much if she left.

I am writing this at one of the nice writing desks here at the Center. It is a nice place to write – much better than sitting on the bed at the barracks!

I don’t believe I have told you about some of the other acts in that show.

Myer Rosen, a harpist with the N.Y. Philharmonic, played two numbers on the stage and many more backstage just for us. He is marvelous and has a very pleasing modest personality.

We had a magician who was very very clever, and a cartoonist with


a clever line of chatter – a knife throwing artist whose wife certainly trusts him , and an orchestra composed of talent from many of the most famous dance orchestras. We felt quite definitely amateurs compared with the rest of the talent.

I’ll try to write oftener now that the rush is over again.

Much, much, love


P.S. Could Dad get off for the week of the 9th of July instead of Aug? I think I might be able to leave Thurs July 5 instead of Aug 3 as I originally thought. This is tentative and if Dad can’t make it, I’ll plan mine to fit his if possible-

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