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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Office of the Commanding General

Camp Wheeler, Georgia

14 Jun 1945

Thurs. 3.50 P.M.

Dear Folks,

A lull in the office – the first for weeks. All those back 201 files have been shipped. The daily work caught up – only a few more drawers of back stuff to look over. Bonnie, who is learning to understudy me, is coming along fine so I guess my furlough is set (unless something else happens) to start the first week in July.

I plan now to leave here Thurs. Jul 5, stay with Phil Fri night and leave Newark 9.30 AM arriving Bangor about 10 P.M. or Lewiston 8.00 P.M. Sat at July 7. If you are going to have gas enough to drive to camp without my extra coupons, and if you wish to go over Sat, I’ll go right to Bangor; if however you want me to stop in Lewiston first maybe I’d better start Wed so as to arrive Fri night instead of Sat especially if you want my gas coupons. I’m sorry about messing up your vacation, Dad, but I don’t want to wait for fear something will change and I’ll not get it at all. I’ve found it better to take whatever they’ll give you when they’ll give it to you instead of trying to make it convenient for oneself.

Now write me, as to what this will do to all your plans and what you think is best for me. I could leave earlier in the week but it would be worse getting back as I’d probably have to start on the week-end. This gives me two week-ends at home. If I leave here on Thurs; I’ll have to be back Fri Jul 20; if I leave Wed; I’ll have to be back Thurs. Jul 19. I get 15 days instead of 14 this year. – Only 3 weeks from today

Marj and I had a nice quiet week-end in Perry. I had two good nights sleep and liked not coming back till Monday morning for a change, although bus schedules are such that it is a worry for even that few miles.

I went to see Preston Foster and Gail Patrick in “Twice Blessed” It is one of the funniest nice pictures I’ve seen this year. No war at all and about teenagers. Twins – great complications with swapping each other’s identities. You’ll all like it.

Last night I saw “Back to Bataan” which is sheer war and not very good at that.

Capt. Stokes is being transferred and we are to have a new Capt. (Capt Korn). I am very very sorry. We’re all wondering what the new one will be like. I have enjoyed Capt Stokes so much and am skeptical of what this new Capt will be like.

I’m afraid Bobby won’t recognize me at all!! – I’m eager to see Phil’s youngsters, too.

Love to all of you


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