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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga

28 Jun 45

Dear Folks,

Just a short letter tonight, to let you know that my plans are still the same – that I will arrive Bangor Friday night Jul 6 and go to the Y if no one is there to meet me. I can scarcely wait as you can well imagine. Isn’t it nice that Uncle Walter and Aunt Ruth will be over there so that I can see them there instead of having to make arrangements in Lewiston. Id (sic) only [wish] Dad were to have the week off it would be perfect but then we can’t expect to have everything and if he can have Sat and Sund it will be swell.

It is 11 o’clock now and I am still at the office. I have been working this evening and thought

I’d get this written before leaving, but I’m afraid I’m getting too weary to write much besides there is little [to] write this week. I’m tryin (sic) to get everything fixed up so the girls can find stuff while I’m gone, and some of these new files I took over when we moved up here are quite a mess so it has meant some night work to get done before leaving. I don’t care so long as I do get done and don’t have it to think about while I’m home.

The weather is just terribly hot this week. The pers[p]iration just steams off from us all day. We’re never dry a minute from morning till night and even all night you feel sticky. We fumigated for bugs in the barracks today and had all are (sic) clothes, pictures etc to put away again tonight after having stacked everything in the middle of the floor today. What a job, but I hope it will help we were being overrun with crickets and ants this year.

Only a week more. Don’t expect to hear from me again unless I have a change in plans in which case of course [I]’ll let you know immediatel[y]. I may find time to write once more but I can’t be sure of it as I shall be so busy getting ready to come. I’m counting days believe me.

Love Kay

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