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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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9.15 P.M.

Wed 8 Aug 1945

Dear Folks,

Got your letter written Sunday today, mother. I suppose Dad is at Phil’s now having a fine visit with them. I’m so glad that he could go and also that you could all have a fine week at Camp. He will feel as if he has had a real vacation for the first time in years won’t he?

It is a shame about Craig although he has been expecting it I know. Please let me know his address as soon as you have one. Perhaps it will be possible for us to get together somewhere in South Carolina. – Maybe Charleston. – I’ve wanted to go there and now that restrictions are somewhat lifted I believe I might be able to make it.

Isn’t that something about Elmer Rowe? When I think of the harm he and his self righteous clique did in our church, I get so disgusted. We were spineless to let them do it. Beulah never was as much that way and probably wouldn’t have [been] so to any appreciable extent if it had not been for him. And yet none of that group can ever see why people won’t all accept everything they say as being the acme of wisdom and right.

Thurs – noon

I’m glad you could have a trip to Charleston this time.

Everyone is rather excited here today as we try to decide what all this news from the Pacific is going to mean. How Japan can hold out much longer I do not see. – Perhaps I’ll be home by Easter!!

I’ve been to several movies – this week. Nothing particularly outstanding – can’t even remember the names!

Sunday instead of going to Milledgeville, Cook and I slept all the morning & then took blankets out in the woods back of the barracks – very quiet & restful.



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