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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Mon. P.M.

8.00 PM

20 Aug 45

Dear Folks,

Just a note before I go to the movies to see James Stewart in “Jimmy Steps Out.” We went on winter hours today 8 to 5.30 – Didn’t have to get up until 6.30 instead of 5.30 – Seemed good to me.

We had Sat off (all day) – washed & ironed until about 3 o’clock – then went to Macon for supper & the show – We (Marj, Minnie & I) saw Pan American – (which was pretty good).

Yesterday I slept nearly all day and read some – then went to the show last night – “Dangerous Partners” not really worth seeing.

This seems to be my show week! I even went Friday evening also! – and plan to go nearly every night this week as there are good shows every night!!

I’m afraid, Mother, that you’d better not make plans for my early return!! I don’t expect to be out for some time. Nothing yet has changed since the war ended. – I don’t think it will for some months.

This really is a rush job – I’ve got to finish now to get this mailed tonight!

Hastily but with love to all


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