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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Thurs 4 Oct 45

Dear Folks,

It was so good to hear your voices and talk with you. Didn’t it seem very clear this time? Has Bob got back yet? I hope they have a good time together the next few weeks before he starts work.

Still quiet here. Just rumors, nothing definite. Marj and I spent Sat. night in town at the Georgian. Came back for Sun dinner as we were broke!! Payday wasn’t until Monday. Sunday Margaret Wigton and I typed the stencils for a directory of home addresses of all IRTC WACS both present and past. It is going to be bound at the printers and we’ll have nice booklets to keep.

Went to shorthand class Tuesday. Millie is a good teacher and I like it although I doubt if I’ll ever get very far with it, it might be very helpful even a little of it on some jobs.

Yesterday was Wednesday and both Marj and I had the afternoon off for a change. Everyone is supposed to except one person in each office, but frequently it is so busy we just can’t take it. We had several rolls of film, so we used Marj’s camera to take pictures of the places we wanted to remember here at Camp such as our first office, the Library, this office, etc. It seems nice to be allowed to have cameras again. Believe me film is in great demand and is sold as fast as it comes in which is about once in two or three weeks at the PX.

We went to Macon and took one or two there and then turned the rolls in for developing so we should get them in a day or two.

Am having my hair done tonight then may go to the second show if I feel like it by that time.

Must stop now and go to work again; the noon hour is over.



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